Thursday, December 4, 2014

BLACK FLAG : LIVE 84 (The Movie)

Originally available through SST as a VHS (they did a very limited run of these), now the whole show is up on You Tube, and in my opinion a better set than the 58 min DVD of  them playing in Europe. This the same show that birthed the "LIVE 84" record. This is Black Flag in the raw!! Amazingly tight at the peak of the Rollins era. If you've never seen this you are in for a treat. I made an MP4 (I re-encoded  it at 16:10 wide screen aspect ratio) and it's yours for the taking.

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Gray said...

It really cannot be overstated just how wonderful this video is.

I worked in a kitchen in Athens, GA for a time and there was one boombox back there, and generally two cooks, a dishwasher and sometimes a prep cook in a pretty small space. With that boombox there were about 4 cassettes; two Beatles albums, Black Flag 'Live 84' and (I think) a Billy Squire record. Limited choices, but if I had the pleasure of sharing my shift with Stephen Tanner or Kyle Spence (which was often the case), we would overrule whomever else was in the kitchen that day, and would blast Live 84 on repeat pretty much for as long as that shift lasted. I have fond memories of the wait staff coming back into the kitchen and shaking their heads in dismay as they had to shout their orders at full volume over 'Slip It In'.

Good times.

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