Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Label : Vermiform
Year: 1993

A1 Eric Wood - Species Of Cruelty
A2 Nation Of Ulysses - Dig The Ulysses Mad Pad Scene
A3 Tit Wrench - Self Storage
A4 Rorschach - Synthetic Intelligence
A5 Man Is The Bastard - Combat Weed
A6 Sugar Shock - Terror
A7 Rich Oliver - Fuck Everything!
A8 Heroin - A Portion
B1 Native Nod - Mr. President
B2 Infest - Nothing's Changed
B3 1.6 Band - Throwing Rocks
B4 Adam Woodrow - The Love Theme From Kiss (Larger Than Life)
B5 Merel - Rusty Fish Dead Pipes
B6 John Woods - Nacho Cheese Dip
B7 Moss Icon - It Disappears
B8 Sam & Joe - Save The Children / Fear Of Smell
B9 Hell No - Cut The Artery

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