Friday, November 7, 2014

The Rodeo Idiot Engine - Fools Will Crush The Crown

Label: Throatruiner
Year: 2011

It's a post-Botch world, and they just live in it.
I can say that I followed the lineage from Today Is The Day to Deadguy to Botch with great interest. I was a fan of that overbearing mess of torn riffs and scraping vocal roars. Went over well. Not to say that the second tier bands of that ilk did it for me (looking at you Drowningman) with their faux-irony or their reliance on a kitchen sink approach (looking at you Dillinger Escape Plan) that never settled into a satisfying enough wallop. But, done well, the noise-core genre was a particularly effective.
Fast forward over a decade, and I can honestly say that I will still revisit that style occasionally, albeit in proportionally inverse chronological order; meaning, I listen to more Deadguy than Botch these days, and far more Today Is The Day than both.
So, color me surprised when this band caught my ear and I have found myself thoroughly enjoying their homage to the late 90's noise/metal/core amalgamation. It's got the monolithic roaring vocals. It's got the start/stop song structure that can go from flat out grind to G.I. Joe headstomp (just looking for a way to get in a Sick Of It All ref...personal goal) to swirling discombobulation all in three measures. It's an obvious relic of a bygone era, but they do it so convincingly that I'm not one to complain in their case, when ordinarily I'd simply reach for 'American Nervoso' and just call it a day. I mean, hell, even the cover art could have been a Second Nature release circa 1999 (maybe a split with Burn It Down?). So, maybe they are just hitting me in my soft spot (not my vagina...THIS time), or maybe I'm on a nostalgia trip, but I'm thinking this is a real deal good record.
You think?


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