Sunday, November 23, 2014

SGM Movie of the week : BAD BRAINS "A BAND IN D.C."

This is a fantastic documentary about the greatest hardcore band of all time.
No matter what your feelings are about the Bad Brains may be, this documentary will answer pretty 
much all of your questions.

I believe this film will probably never be officially released, from what I have read online they had some issues with the final product and no compromises could be met by the band and the director of the film.
It's been pulled from You Tube and Vimeo, so grab it while you can. 

Stream / DL  (fixed 12.5.14)


Gray said...

"greatest hardcore band of all time"...uh hold up...Black Flag would beg to differ. And a case could very easily be made for Minor Threat, COC, Void, TSOL, Misfits (if you consider them hardcore), Die Kreuzen, Dead Kennedys, and Angry Samoans as all being "better" than Bad Brains. It's a nerdy as fuck argument, but a worthy one nonetheless.

The documentary made me sad for Bad, they seemed to really get pathetic grasping for past glory around about 1987 or so. And HR is just a piece of shit at this point.

Well done movie though, and the live footage can make the hairs on your arm stand up, they are so good.

Slander Bob said...
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Slander Bob said...

All of those bands extremely influential but THEY AIN'T THE BAD BRAINS.!! .. Now go get your fuckin shine box!! .. It's funny, laugh dammit.

Daniel said...

Muchos Gracias!!!! A great way to start this Thanksgiving.

Marco Martins said...

Amazing history of punk culture!!!! Thanks

ps - where i buy this dvd ???

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