Saturday, November 1, 2014

Psychic Blood - Drrrty 7"

Label: Nerve Hold
Year: 2013

Highly recommended catchy distorto-rock, for fans of Sonic Youth and lager beer. A great pop song is buried beneath the echoing maelstrom of overloaded guitar and bashing rhythms. It hearkens back to a golden era in the the early 90's when any self-respecting college town in America would have at least one show per weekend of this glorious volume-soaked abandon (the laziest promoters would often times call it "Chapel Hill Night"...that was your signal).
For those of you not past your prime yet, some contemporary touchstones might include Ty Segall meets METZ, or maybe No Age meets Yuck.
Regardless, you will like this one, whether you're old and grizzled or young and fresh (Young Fresh Fellows?), so long as you can get stoked on messy rock music played with full fuzz intact.


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