Wednesday, November 5, 2014

MTN ISL - God Became Animal

Label: Muckman
Year: 2013

Almost a year ago we posted the MTN ISL (caps lock if you're nasty) demo here, or there if you rather, which we were delighted by, in it's murky post hardcore pall. Well, luckily for you, me, and everyone not currently on ebola quarantine, the proper album version has been released and is available for your earholes. And by "has been released", I mean to say, since November of 2013 it has been available for your earholes. But it's not like we're talking about a fucking carton of milk on the counter, we're talking about top quality Atlanta, Georgia styled rock damage, in the vein of former Atlanta, Georgia greats Freemasonry. Which you can be forgiven if that reference doesn't translate, but in all honesty, once you finish up with MTN ISL make haste to the nearest record store to procure your own copy of Freemasonry's 'Sparrin With The Varmint' album (conveniently located in the dollar bin of every record store ever)!
Of the six tracks here, most fall into the 'mid temp glower' category, meaning a semi-slow burn of Big'N type noise rock that doesn't cut corners on the grit, but remains accessible in a way that you and I can talk about when the adults aren't in the room, cause the adults don't think this sounds anything like their Peter Gabriel tapes (nor should it). It's got a hulking gait that certainly can shake the ground, but it never overwhelms in a blanket of volume, noise, or distortion. It remains in balance. If you were a fan of Sunglasses, then you'll hear some of that (ex-member…so…duh) in here, the dirty viscera of sludgy hardcore clamor, now tempered with a more deliberate and nuanced collection of riffs.
Highly recommended.


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