Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Merry Thanksgiving - redux

So, I got 1 - 10 of the Singles Club, and that's where we will stop for today.
I promise to get another batch of these up very soon. Promise.

Go eat good food, hang out with your families, and enjoy being a decent person for once.


cedric said...

Thanks a lot from France (home of The Thugs)

Anonymous said...

i probably haven't reached "all the way back" into your archives. but have you ever done a thing on the veldt? did you ever get into them? you know, being in chapel hill and all. or was that not tough enough for you? i've recently re-,et a couple of those dudes and i always say how awesome i thought they were. super fucking rad dudes. totally into cocteau twins.

also, confessor? i can only assume you have posted on confessor in the past.

also, i may move to chapel hill or elsewhere in the triangle soon. athens make me sad emoji.


Gray said...

I remember The Veldt, but haven't posted any of their stuff. I can't remember if they were good or my memory they were "college rock".
Not sure if any Confessor is on this blog or not. They've been mentioned a few times I know. They opened for Danzig at the Cat's Cradle, which was the show that Danzig punched the shit out of a dude in the front for yelling Misfits songs at him. Confessor used to open for COC a bunch band.
Why not move to Atlanta and get fucking social?! I'd party with you.

Anonymous said...

You're the BEST !!!

THANX from Paris

Anonymous said...

I think there's a problem with the names of the SubPop files cause I can't open them. Maybe because they have " and \ as part of the name, meaning I get an error when trying to extract the files. If you have a solution, or I'm doing something wrong, I'd love to know, as was looking forward to hearing these.
Recently (re)discovered your site, and as usual you have Impeccable taste! ie. same as mine. :-)
Regards. Steve

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