Sunday, November 9, 2014

Melvins - Jared, Coady, Dale, & Buzz

Label : Knuckle Fucker
Year : 2014

 What's better than one consistent Melvin's record? Two consistent Melvins records, or in this case a two disc set featuring the best material from the Big Business / Melvins era lp's. I would love to see them do another record with Coady and Jared. Until then... revist that line-up with this collection. A kickass comp / bootleg from Knuckle Fucker.

Disc One
01. The Water Glass
02. Billy Fish
03. Blood Witch
04. We Are Doomed
05. The Kicking Machine 
06. Rat Faced Granny
07. The Hawk
08. You've Never Been Right
09. A History of Bad Men
10 The Talking Horse
11..Civilized Worm
12. The Savage Hippy

Disc Two
01. Dog Island
02. It Tastes Better Than The Truth
03. A History of Drunks
04. Electric Flower
05. Evil New War God
06. Inhumanity and Death
07. Pig House
08. The War On Wisdom
09. The Smiling Cobra
10. Suicide In Progress
11. The Mechanical Bride
12. A Vast Filthy Prison

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