Monday, November 10, 2014

Man Is The Bastard - Systematic Murder

Label : Knuckle Fucker
Year : 2014

I have had the idea of putting together a Man Is The Bastard comp for over a year now, so guess what I worked on all weekend? Treat yourself to some sonic brutality from California power violence  Trio "Man Is The Bastard " (aka Charred Remains)  In the 90's you couldn't help but run into this band, it seemed for a while there they were putting out a record almost every other month (and most of them were great). They were on a shitload of compilation records too.

This collection focuses mainly on their slower heavier side. A few fast one's make an appearance, but  for the most part most of these tracks are all about the math rock laden sludgecore that only MITB can deliver. It's hard to come up with a unique sound these days, but whenever you hear a MITB song you know automatically that it's them. Very few bands can pull it off with no guitars. Yep, MITB is a trio comprised of 2 Bass Players and one incredible drummer. If you like the heavy stuff, you'll  love this band. - Slander

01. Species Of Cruelty
02. Idget Child
03. Kai Lai
04. Combat Weed
05. Volatile Cocktail
06. Feed The Octopus
07. Blinds
08. Me and Hitler
09. Fusing Skull and Bone
10. Eunuch (Reprise)
11. Either Rag
12. Gourmet Pez
13. Faces Of Man
14. Kosher Grimace
15. Son Of Thug
16. Infibulation
17. The Arena
18. Man Is The Bastard


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