Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Roomrunner - Separate

Label: Accidental Guest
Year: 2014

Long time no see.
Roomrunner is playing in Atlanta soon (unfortunately for me, on the same night as Melvins), which prompted a check-in (or check-out, depending on how you view things) on their latest record, as I have thoroughly enjoyed all of their previous output, and this one seems to continue that trajectory.
What I'm drawn to with this band is their ability to pull on my late 80's / early 90's indie rock heartstrings, without being too obvious, or completely
They can take the 'Candy Apple Grey' era Husker Du melodic take on post hardcore and inject some Raymond Brake noisy pop, then run the whole thing through a Shiner "big rock" transmogrification machine (patent pending). There are other sounds floating around in there, and you can feel free to tell me what those are, but for the most part, you catch my drift. It's loud and rocking in the right places, but still easy enough on the ears to not alienate every passenger in the car, especially if anyone in the car graduated high school circa 1988-1994...they will most certainly "get it".
If your short attention span will only allow a quick preview of the record, then the track 'Karn' is one of the best songs I've heard in awhile, a money back guarantee jam. Recommended.
God bless guitar rock.


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