Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Oxes - Live - Orleans France - 07-05-02

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2002

For a bootleg, the sound quality on this record is aces. Which, for a band like Oxes, is imperative in order to make out the intricacies of their math-noise-rock-instru-metal hybrid. And they do get intricate when weaving together knotted riffs into winding melody into bursting energy. What sounds impenetrable is actually a celebratory ode to the pleasures of guitar-based music. Sure, they have their pranks and shtick and all that, but behind the "rowdyism" is simply a band who are having fun taking the piss out of a Don Cabellero/Shellac brand of rock.
In case the song titles don't translate in the files (and please feel free to correct the song titles if I get them wrong. Oxes have a way of altering their compositions in a live context, but I think I have them identified correctly) here they are:
1. And Giraffe, Natural Enemies
2. Boss Kitty
3. Your Street vs Wall Street
4. Afri-Cola
5. Take and Free Miami
6. Half Half and Half
7. Bees Won
8. Kaz Hayashi '01


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