Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Loop - Edizione Limitata Di 1000 Copie - Live In U.S.A. 1990

Label: Bootleg
Year: 1991

Underrated to the max. Self described as "more about inner space than outer space", Loop could ride a rolling drone and hammer on a scuzzy psych-damage riff with the best of them.
This recording is supposedly live in the United States (duh), and some have said from a tour with The Cult, but I highly doubt The Cult is giving their openers hour plus set times, so I don't really know. A few of these tracks have surfaced as bonus tracks here and there, but this is the show in it's entirety. It's got a lot of material from the then just released "A Gilded Eternity", and demonstrates how effective a singular force can be when focused as such. Throbbing and pulsing, with no release from the warm white light. Imagine Spacemen 3 covering Godflesh...head down, amps up, turn on the smoke machine and let's fucking get on with it.



Anonymous said...

Love me some Loop. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I saw them on this tour (in Los Angeles). They were the headliners. No Cult.

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