Monday, August 25, 2014

Ikara Colt - Modern Apprentice

Label: Fantastic Plastic
Year: 2004

One of the first records I posted on this blog was the Ikara Colt "Chat And Business" lp (still a go-to), and frankly, I'm really surprised that I never posted this one. Like, what was I thinking?
Sorry dudes (and that one girl).
If you missed the other post, and you're excused if you did, as it was from 2008, then here you go. Ikara Colt, total English post-punk perfection. The Fall ripped from Mark E. Smith's evil clutches and accelerated into the new millennium with slashing, searing guitars and that subtle dance beat now and again. It's art school snobbery that looks down it's nose at your philistine ways, even as it invites the lead singer of Fudge Tunnel to produce it's record. You're in, but you're out.
The band said they would break up after 5 years, and they did just that. Two albums and poof. Gone.
More bands should adopt that modus operandi.



Grunza said...

Mention of Fudge Tunnel will always make my ears prick up, Gray. And while this isn't Fudge-y in the slightest, it's still pretty decent. Is there any chance that Chat & Biz will get a re-up? Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

Ever heard of Sea Scouts (the band)?

jonder said...

Ikara Colt was a great band. Their song "Panic" is one of my all-time faves.

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