Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Honduran - Street Eagles

Label: Eolian Empire
Year: 2014

Oh my. These guys should be ashamed of themselves for producing what is patently offensive music to anyone with civil tastes and refined palettes. I graduated cotillion class, Honduras! Your crusty, hammer swinging, hellcore is NOT going to single handedly reverse what the honorable Floretta Baylin (RIP) taught me in her dance studio! I can Cha Cha, I know which fork to use first at dinner, I know how a receiving line must operate in order to facilitate a proper affair! And you think some feedback and roaring and ill-tempered attitudes are going to change all of that?! Not on your lives, buddies!

(real talk: Eolian Empire has quietly been releasing some of the best loudness in recent memory...most certainly you should all check into their catalog, it's ripe with beautifully ugly gems)


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