Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saint Vitus - Thirsty And Miserable

Label: SST
Year: 1987

What would be the matter with the kind of person who couldn't get going to this record? Like, what would allow that level of stubbornness and unpleasantness in a guy (I'm going to give the ladies a pass on this one...I'm not real certain that a woman should find much joy in Saint Vitus...nor am I sure I could trust a female like that)?
Three songs; one being a Black Flag cover (obviously [and it's a perfectly crafted version, naturally]), one being a mournful Sabbath-y ode to the proverbial "end", and the other being my personal favorite Saint Vitus jammer of all jammers, "Look Behind You". It's also worth noting, this is the Wino fronted version of the band which, I'm sure some would disagree (but they'd be stupid, fucking idiot assholes for doing so), is THEE quintessential version. Plus, also worth noting that Dave Chandler on the cover has combined "metal chic" (bullet belt and bandanna) with "hardcore aesthetic" (Germs t-shirt and Chuck Taylors) a full two decades before the look caught on. Next level shit.



Anonymous said...

actually. Metallica were wearing bullet belts and punk shirts 6 years before this.

Gray said...

You make a good point, Metallica could usually be counted on for a Misfits tshirt in pretty much every photo ever taken of them, but seeing as Dave Chandler started Saint Vitus in 1979, a couple years before Metallica got going...I have to maintain that Saint Vitus have the edge.
But, good call on's easy to forget that they used to be a cool band. It's like I block them out of my memory or something.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gray, the donate button ain't working. Got a big bad .75 to finish off a gift card.

Van Gaal is whipping our crew into fucking shape!

Gray said...

I don't even know what that Donate button does...or did. That seemed to be an Ipecac thing, so whatever donations most likely went to him. Which is fine.

I'm so fucking exciting to see Manchester United bring the Dutch thunder to their opponents this season! Hail van Gaal!

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