Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tarantula Hawk - Neurot Recordings

Label: Neurot
Year: 2002

Space is the place, right? The magnitude and solitude freeing the mortal mind to expand as far as he boundless black....OR....the crushing nothingness of Man's meaningless existence magnified by an eternity of silent sky.
Up to you.
Tarantula Hawk seem to revel in the possibilities opened up by the sprawling darkness. They take you to the edges of astral beauty and through the violent wormholes of time travel. Their grip is firm as your led across the galaxies, and your fear of the unknown lessens as each piece unfolds into the next in their carefully constructed musical sequences.
Alumni of Locust, Bombs Of Death, Struggle, The Tito 'O Tito Band, and Pinback take you on an instrumental journey that marries the heady heaviness of Neurosis with the dour unrest of Godspeed You Black Emperor. Your full cooperation is required for maximum results.


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UniBoehmer said...

Very cool that you have this! Thx so much for posting...I always find good picks on your blog but Tarantula Hawk are insane!!! If you've got any more of their stuff PLEASE post it. I dig immensely__

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