Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Weed - Deserve

Label: Couple Skate
Year: 2013

In an effort to stay current with new music, or at least acknowledge that it's being made, I find myself browsing around the internets and other such unsavory places searching out exotic sounds and new musical vocabularies.
But, generally, I end up returning to, or at least being enticed by, sounds that I find familiar. It's that "return to the womb" syndrome thing I guess. Or, "if it ain't broke".
So, this band Weed, well, they knock it right out of the park, and then they're nice enough to return the ball right back into the park I grew up in so as to make sure I feel comfortable. They play on some of my favorite early 90's touchstones of poppy, sludgy, grungy type rock music, and then give it a new urgency and vitality. Like, they take the stony haze of a Dinosaur Jr jam, and cover it in the warm wash of a Waaves jam. Which, granted, isn't that far a stretch, I get that, but it's a recognition that Weed know where and to whom to doff their caps.
For our younger viewers, you might hear some (previously mentioned) Waaves, or No Age, or even (dare I say) Silversun Pickups. For our older viewers, you might hear some (previously mentioned) Dinosaur Jr., or Screaming Trees, or Truman's Water (not the super weird Truman's Water stuff, the more poppy songs). For our more obscure viewers, you might hear the second Castor lp, and how they deliver everything in that gauzy wall of sound that's so addictive.
This record has been on constant rotation for two days now, it's hitting a real sweet spot (my vagina?) of noisy, feedback-laden, catchy indie rock the way it was meant to be played, with ballz.


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