Tuesday, April 22, 2014

V/A - For The Sick - A Tribute To Eyehategod

Label: Emetic
Year: 2007

Who DOESN'T love Eyehategod? (rhetorical question bro, cause everybody loves Eyehategod).
My two personal favorite Eyehategod memories are as follows:
Memory One - Eyehategod playing the Scrap Bar in Atlanta in 1995(?) with Anal Cunt and Sourvein, to a handful of people, and most interestingly, some stragglers from off the street. The mic soundcheck was essentially Mike Williams repeating the bristle-inducing "nigger, nigger...nigger" over and over again until the levels were correct (not politically correct, mind you).
Memory Two - Eyehategod playing the Che CafĂ© in San Diego in 2000 with 16 and Suplex, and Mike Williams spending the time between each and every song berating the crowd as "California faggots", "pussies", and the like. Which, to me was humorous enough, but the real punchline was at the end of their set when he then inquires, "Who here can put us up tonight? Who here wants to smoke out Eyehategod and give us a place to stay?". I don't think any of the California faggot pussies in attendance stepped up to offer lodging.
The bands:
Dot                                                                  Minsk
Unearthly Trance                                            Ramesses
Cable                                                              The Mighty Nimbus
Bowel                                                             Lair Of The Minotaur
Alabama Thunderpussy                                 Sourvein
Deadbird                                                        Bloody Panda
Kylesa                                                            Mouth Of The Architect
Rue                                                                 Left In Ruins
Brutal Truth                                                   Watch Them Die
Byzantine                                                       Ozenza
Buried At Sea                                                Swarm Of The Lotus
Raging Speedhorn                                         Ichabod
The Unholy III                                              Kill The Client
Esoteric                                                         Sowbelly
Total Fucking Destruction                            If He Dies He Dies
Triac                                                             The Nain Rouge
One Dead Three Wounded                           Michael Williams
Halo Of Locusts

DL -Disc 1

DL - Disc 2

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Anonymous said...

Can't go wrong with that motley crew. Excited to hear this. Thx

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