Monday, April 7, 2014

Fashion Week - Coextinction Recordings #11

Label: Coextinction Recordings
Year: 2013

The Coextinction Recordings series has a pretty bulletproof track record, each release from the Translation Audio Studios (currently being rebuilt after Superstorm Sandy went ahead and destroyed them) a building block in an impressive heavy noise fortress rising higher and the walls becoming more dense with each catalog number befitting the pedigree of the three headed hydra who run the joint (Dave Curran [Unsane, Pigs, JJ Paradise Players Club], James Paradise [JJ Paradise Players Club, Pigs, Fresh Kills], and Andrew Schneider [Slughog]).
Fashion Week bring their own warped celebrity into the mix (members played with Mans Gin, Jarboe, and Victory At Sea), to make you uncomfortable via three songs based loosely week...get it? But not so much in a Right Said Fred way, it's less "campy and fun", and more "combative and fucked". It's noise rock that doesn't skimp on the metallic influence. It's a swarming biomass of thunderous heft. When they let a melody slip out, it helps to warn of how bombastic the gut punch coming is going to be.


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Wain said...

Thanks for posting this just went to the bandcamp and bought both releases.

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