Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Felon Wind - The Felon Wind

Label: Money Pit Media
Year: 2006

I don't often put up my patented "Money Back Guarantee", because...well, my currencies are limited to shells, pelts, and shiny trinkets, rarely accepted outside my own village. But in the case of The Felon Wind, I shall do just that. Your motherfucking money back if you don't think this record rips all over your motherfucking face (motherfucker). It's that simple.
You want proof? Fine, here's your proof motherfucker (again, with the motherfuckers)!
1. Blood Meridian reference in the band name. So, that's good enough right there.
2. The guitars are mountainous in their heaving avalanches.
3. The vocals will alert your neighbors that trouble is afoot.
4. Recorded by Ed Rawls (Hal al shedad) and Andrew Wiggins (Hawks) at The Living Room Recording, so there's that.
5. You haven't been this completely swallowed by an album in far too long...quite fucking around and get in there!
6. You need this band to compensate for your shortcomings (balls).



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Gene said...

whoa, dude. thanks.

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