Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pygmy Shrews - Lord Got Busted 7"

Label: Fan Death
Year: 2009

Two songs, the second of which is a Pussy Galore cover, that get taken on a really dangerous ride into the center of a burnt out industrial core of a bleak cityscape, whereupon the car they are being ferried about in is methodically rammed at speed into a cement column...again and again and again. The driver then exits the vehicle and proceeds to attack it with the tire iron he has pulled from the car's trunk for what seems like an unnecessarily long time. Once the damage has been assessed as, what, satisfactory(?), he then produces a length of garden hose with which he siphons gasoline out of the tank  to use as fuel for what is to become a bright and terrible fire consuming the hull of the newly wrecked automobile.
It's not clear that the songs survived the concussive assault of the accident, the tire iron attack, if they suffocated from smoke inhalation, or were ultimately burnt alive. Either way, their remains could not be positively identified.



kittyempire said...

Loved this band. Their swansong "You People Can All Go Straight To Hell" blew my tiny mind, rocked my tiny world, and sucked my tiny... it was pretty fucking great anyway. Ben Greenberg who was the genius behind this band joined The Men. For fucks sake.

lexicaldevil said...

Huge fan of this band. Greenberg's guitar playing is amazing, his work with The Men will never be nearly as raw and interesting. Check out the precursor band Cutter featuring the same lineup plus a vocalist (Joe from The Fugue or Kevin from White Suns), and their set on 89.1 FM, which is online for download.

kittyempire said...

Thanks for the info Lexicaldevil. Can you tell me to find the radio set?

lexicaldevil said...

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