Thursday, December 26, 2013

Kinski - Down Below It's Chaos

Label: Sub Pop
Year: 2007

Sometimes instrumental and sometimes not, which I imagine describes most rock n roll bands huh? But these guys and girl have a lot in common with some instrumental or instrumental leaning post-rock outfits like Mono or Purkinje Shift or Maserati, those driving drones, the gently rolling distant thunderclouds that threaten to erupt into a lashing torrent, and the jamming free-wheelin' fun. And when the vocals do show up, they are kept out of the spotlight to play a more supporting role than "lead singers" generally are able to do.
Also of note: there is a song here called "Argentina Turner", which, I mean, c'mon.
I think you'll appreciate the way Kinski can take you on a long ride from mellow to rocking to psychedelic to metal without ever breaking character. Everything evolves to everything else.
They are hitting the road in early 2014, which you would be wise to take heed of.


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kittyempire said...

Nice post. Very underrated band.

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