Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hawks + Late Bloomer + Mtn Isl + The Big Dirty - 12-04-13 Atlanta

If you find yourself in or around or under or encased in, or banished to the immediate area of metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia, you could certainly do worse than making your way to this particular show. It's sorta snuck up on me, but there has been talk of attending (on a school night no less!), so hopefully I'll make it out the door.
Four bands, three of which have direct personnel links to the hardcore/post hardcore house show heyday of Atlanta circa 1994-97, with Scout and Wheeljack (among 20 other bands) representing.
This blog as featured three of the four bands playing, so I will spare you the descriptions of what's what, but trust me, the music tonight will be stellar.

Mtn Isl
Late Bloomer
The Big Dirty

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