Friday, December 20, 2013

Bitch Teeth - Fukkstorm

Label: Death Mask
Year: 2013

Well, now I feel like I've let you all down with yesterday's post, as it almost immediately garnered a "boring" comment from the difficult-to-please K.C. (you should try hosting dinner for K.C., that guy is never satisfied!). That's the kind of feedback that can really demoralize a man who is trying to brighten the world by sharing other's creativity and talents...sniff.
So, for K.C., and everyone else out there within the sound of my tapping keyboard, may I submit the band Bitch Teeth and their record "Fukkstorm" for your consideration? I am optimistic that you shall find solace and inspiration within the chaotic scree of their Cherubs by way of Hawks by way of Nirvana (the noisier bits). I have.

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