Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Unsane - Wreck

Label: Alternative Tentacles
Year: 2012

What could you possibly do to improve on the tried and true Unsane formula of abrasive bashing groove? Cover the best Flipper song ever, that's how! Easy, done.
Unsane continue their diabolical reign as the best noise rock kill squad on Earth. No mercy, total destruction, blissful annihilation. There is none higher.



Anonymous said...

listen, i want to tell you, as a grown ass man, that i loove unsane. they are excellent. i loved renting videos from that guy and the beyond and 1.6 band guy at their video store when i lived next door to it in brooklyn. i loved their whole thing. i loved unsane is what i am trying tell you. i STILL love unsane. it is ALL-GOOD. and i just tried listening to this album last week cuz i forgot i got it, and i have to admit, i got bored halfway through and moved onto something else. but i still loooove unsane. just wanna say that,

love. phil.

Anonymous said...

don't get this thing shut down you dumbass

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