Wednesday, August 14, 2013

v/a - the portable altamont

label: shock
released: 1991

this is your one stop shop for all of your experimental punk noise needs

perhaps you've heard of the band skullflower (and if you haven't...this is where you should start your journey)

they once had a bass player named stefan jaworzyn

he started his own record label

the record label that this compilation was released on

and everything is wrapped up in a nice big red bow

"is there anything more we should know about?"

damn nosy kids

all of the bands included on this compilation had released a 7" on the label

and all of those 7" make up this compilation


another big red bow

" there anything else?"


each band has included an extra song not found on the original 7"

and now you have a new way to annoy your neighbors

you're welcome

so...if you like any of the bands know what to do

1 - i live in the bottomless pit
2 - bo diddley's shitpump
3 - a guide to canine foreskin retraction*
4 - wrong eye
5 - scope
6 - meaning what exactly*
current 93:
7 - she is dead and all fall down
8 - god has three faces and wood has no name
9 - the blue gates of death (before and beyond them)*
nurse with wound:
10 - human human human
11 - psychedelic underground (in memory of luud noma)
12 - scapegoat*
drunks with guns:
13 - drunks theme
14 - punched in the head
15 - cowboy (instrumental)
16 - fuck off and die you worthless little faggot*

*=the extra song

DL: the portable altamont

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Anonymous said...

congratulations for the blog...Love drunks with guns and skullflower(when they play punk rock)...a bit less experimental thing NWW and C-93...DWG also had another band called BULLETS FOR PUSSY

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