Sunday, August 11, 2013

regicide - you're such a disappointment

label: self-released
released: 1996(?)

you all know grAy by seeing him around the office,yeah?

he's the guy that's always standing by the water cooler dressed as if he'd just walked out of a snapcase show circa 1995

yeah...that's him

you see...grAy was apparently quite the fellow amongst the scene in atlanta,ga back in the day (and if you're lucky...or slow enough...maybe he'll spin some tales of times past for you)

he pointed me in the direction of this article...but told me to avoid listening to the demo as i didn't really need to go that far into the experience (but he'd used a i-hate-you-get-away-from-hey-where-are-you-going tone whilst doing so)

but of course....with me being the curious cat that i am...did the exact opposite

and if you click on the link and read the article (which you should)'ll notice the band has that early/mid 90's hardcore look about them...which i'd pointed out to grAy...asking him if they played something akin to something that would've been found on the victory records label during that time period....

to which he answered by throwing a table at me

but then he was all like "well....deadguy were on maybe we did"

you see...we only speak of victory records around these parts in hushed tones

but enough with the words

if you like some early/mid 90's hardcore (even if it wasn't on victory records)...a slight powerviolence edge...some black flag (of course)...

DL: you're such a disappointment

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