Tuesday, July 23, 2013

sweetbelly freakdown - self-titled

label: jade tree
released: 1997

this is what happens when members of the band swiz decide to give it a go once again after breaking up in 1990

the band cranked out some of the moody dischord records-like (redundant?) jams that became popular in the early/mid 1990's

they put out this and a 2 song 7" (1996's THE LONG HAUL..both songs later being re-released on SELF-TITLED) during their 3 year existence 

guitar player jason farrell and bass player dave stern were also members of the dischord band bluetip

drummer alex daniels also played a dischord band called severin

DL: sweetbelly freakdown

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Daniel said...

Had this record. Swiz guys are at it again with their new band Red Hare.

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