Friday, July 26, 2013

spazz - the final recordings: october 1998

i was frolicking about the interwebs earlier today...and i came across a blog put together by a fella named chris dodge

most of you know who he is...some of you don't

for those of you that don' dodge was a member of a band guessed it...spazz

he provided vocals and played the bass

he also ran a label that went by the name of slap-a-ham records

spazz played a particular type of music that goes by the name of "powerviolence"

you may recall me posting some spazz in the past...and yes...i know the links are dead...but if anyone wants it...i'll post the stuff again

these are the last 5 songs the band recorded before splitting up

songs 1-4 were released via a split with the band 25 ta life

song #5 was released via a compilation called SHORT MUSIC FOR SHORT PEOPLE (which found them paired up with bands such as: nofx/gwar/the offspring/rancid/less than jake/black flag/nomeansno)

so...check this out

and check this out

DL: spazz: the final recordings

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Sam said...

Please repost the Spazz stuff!

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