Sunday, July 28, 2013

murder inc. - self-titled

label: invisible records
released: 1992

this is what happened when the band killing joke split up in the middle of a u.s. tour back in 1991

singer jaz coleman took off for an island in the pacific

the rest of the band went and formed this band with martin atkins (pigface) and chris connelly (revolting cocks/ministry)

what it came off sounding like was a killing joke album with a different singer wrap this up:

killing joke
revolting cocks
murder inc.


DL murder inc.


Anonymous said...

Don't know this one, but the first Killing Joke elpee is always close to my heart... thanks very much!

Berrado said...

cool one-off record. The single was easily the weakest track.

Rusty said...

Martin Atkins - Pigface?!?! Are you fucking kidding me?
Pee - Eye - fucking EL! PiL, my man. Unfuckwithable.

ipecac said...

i know i know,rusty...

i just dropped pigface because that's the band most folks equate him with

now...can we please have our ball back?

pinkpressthreat said...

I s'pose a re-up is out of the question? haha A bit of an old link I know, but worth a try ;-)
Also there's the 'Corpuscle' ep, well worth a listen. Cheers all

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