Monday, July 15, 2013

melvins - alive at the fucker club

label: amphetamine reptile
released: 1998

there is no such place as the fucker club...but we've put in some paperwork for there to be

if anything...if may just end up being the name we give the basement at the SGM house

in reality...this took place in melbourne,australia at a place called the corner hotel on august 23,1997

they opened for the cosmic psychos

also...this is probably the most epic version of "boris" you'll ever hear (outside of actually seeing it performed live)

1 - boris

2 - it's shoved
3 - bar-x the rocking m
4 - antioxidote
5 - the bloat
6 - lizzy
7 - mombius hibachi

DL: alive at the fucker club

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Anonymous said...

What? There's no Fucker Club?

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