Saturday, July 6, 2013

gunna vahm - man hands for rump lust

label: reptilian records
released: 2006

i was just going through the SGM vault and came across this bit o' noise...and figured that i'd re-post it as the original link has up and died like fight amp?

and cutthroats 9?

and hawks?

you don't say?

what about some big butts?

and you cannot lie?

so with that being said....

DL: man hands for rump lust


Big Jeff said...

By the way, Fight Amp are the guys doing gang-vocal backups on a few songs on this album.

Unknown said...

Mike McGinnis showed me this while I was on tour doing sound for Fight Amp and I thought I'd never get a hold of it again. Thanks for posting this!

ihatethroat said...

Can't even put into words how much I worship this record!

Anonymous said...

Check out the new heavy noise rock band Faking (, The bass player/2nd vocalist from Vahm (including this album) plays guitar and sings in Faking and the drummer was also in Vahm and Midiron Blast Shaft.

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