Monday, July 22, 2013

death - ...for the whole world to see

label: drag city
released: 2009 (though recorded in 1974)

you say that you like the bad brains....

these guys were the bad brains 6 years before the bad brains were the bad brains...but from detroit,mi

so with that being can also hear some of the stooges in there...and you can hear some of the mc5 in well as some early alice cooper....

"hey,maaaaan...did you know that there was a death metal band with the same name?"

i am aware of such a band (their LEPROSY album was my first foray into the metal of death)

and this band was around 12 years before them

"yeah...well...did you know...."

let me stop you there


DL: ...for the whole world to see

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Randroid said...

Thanks for sharing this!

They are together again in some form and playing live here in MI

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