Tuesday, June 4, 2013

v/a - loud and ugly

label: bovine
released: 1993 & 1995

originally posted by grAy:

Bovine Records spent a couple years being completely unfuckable-with, everything that label shit out was a pure gold steamer with little diamondcorn kernels in it. Pure perfection.
So it's of no surprise that these two compilation 7"s they released were also big ole piles of hot bullion as well. Solid flaxen poo.
Volume One is a battle royale between the rock megalopolis' of Madison and DeKalb, Wisconsin, which, yeah, is pretty much Holmes and Ali ofWisconsin towns, so you know you're in for a real treat. The bands are:
Festering Rinyanyons - best described as "Midwestern noise rock", like a Sicbay or something
Mercury Players - twangy slabs of pig fuck, kinda Cows meets Surgery meets Crows
Pachinko - underrated band, Unsane by way of Johnboy, super good
Thug - the label owner's band, brutal noisy hardcore that's as ugly as it is spiteful
Volume Two doesn't let up in the least, in fact it pretty much drops the hammer. Drops it square in the middle of your face. The bands are:
Eyehategod - my personal favorite of their jams probably because it's relatively short and upbeat by their standards, I actually stole the verse riff in an old band I was in (full disclosure; I actually also stole the main riff to the song "Blank" for another song in the same band...I was pretty heavy into Eyehategod for a minute).
Floor - they have never released a bad song, and this crawling hatred is no exception
Despise You - some power violence to cleanse the Southern fried sludge out of your ears
Apartment 213 - and more power violence, this time with that serial killa lean.
Thug - I guess if you put out the records you can put your band on as many of these as you fucking want. That being said, this is the best Thug song ever, and might be the best song on this whole collection. Creeping death with added harmonics! P.S. enjoy that lock groove at the end of the song.

So there you go, the Loud And Ugly compilations, bowel movements of the most prized mintage.

DL: loud and ugly: vol. 1-2


Rusty said...

ummm... Dekalb is in Illinois. :/

Gray said...

Are you saying that Wisconsin and Illinois are two DIFFERENT states? When was this ratified?!

neil gibson said...

of could you please please reupload this? that would be amazing! thank you so much

bobby_paranoize said...

PLEASE reupload this!

David Supernaut said...

pls reupload this, the description sounds p good. nice blog!

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