Monday, June 3, 2013

v/a - in these black days: vol. 1-6

label: hydra head records
released: 1998

you know you like black sabbath

don't lie to yourself

and if you say that you're obviously trying to look cool in front of your friends

or you just like anything past the SABOTAGE album

either way

you're here now

and believe it or not...there are some bands out there that appreciate black sabbath about as much as you do...i's crazy...

but...they seem to like them more than you...i mean...are you getting put on compilations with your black sabbath covers?


because no one wants to hear your abba influenced cover of "who are you?" are some sabbath covers that folks do want to hear (yes...even your mom would rather hear these over yours)

vol 1:
anal cunt - killing yourself to live
anal cunt - it's alright/sabra cadabra
eyehategod - sabbath jam ("cornucopia"/"hand of doom"/"behind the wall of sleep")

vol 2:
brutal truth - cornucopia
converge - snowblind

vol 3:
today is the day - sabbath bloody sabbath
coalesce - supernaut

vol 4:
cavity - into the void
cable - planet caravan
jesuit - hole in the sky
overcast - national acrobat

vol 5:
cave in - n.i.b.
botch - the wizard

vol 6:
neurosis - children of the grave
soilent green - lord of the southern priest ("lord of this world"/the sign of the southern cross"/"disturbing the priest")

DL: in these black days: vol. 1-6


Anonymous said...

I thought I was a pretty informed long time HH fan but never heard of this. Thanxxxx SGM!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Please for the love of noise,re-upload these gems!!!!!

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