Monday, June 17, 2013

tyranny is tyranny - manufacturing truth

label: phratry records
released: 2013

you may remember a band called the united sons of toil

and you may remember that they'd broken up a few months back

well...this is what vocalist/guitarist russell hall and drummer jason jensen (who plays the guitar in this particular endeavor) are up to nowadays

they're joined by a fella name jonathan brown on drums and a fella named m. guy ficciotto (am i the only one to think of fugazi's guy picciotto reading that?) on bass

yes...they share a sound with the united sons of toil (obviously)

but they also share something with russell hall's previous band pound wi

this is a little taste of things to come as the band are going to be releasing their debut full length in the coming months

you get the song "manufacturing truth" along with 3 remixes of the same song (like the united sons of toil did with their FORCES OF PRODUCTION album)'d better just snag this up and get in on the ground floor...and then you can be all like "yeah...i've totally been into these guys since..." know you want to be that guy

DL: manufacturing truth


JB said...

The fella playing drums on this ditty is Ben Aldis, original Tyranny Is Tyranny drummer, who kicks arse in this song! That Jonathan Brown fella will be the next release as well playing live shows in the near and not-so-near future. Work it!

Duluoz said...

I want Russell to wear a shirt that says:

New Band
New Beard
Same Attitude

or something like it.

Rusty said...

I'm in. Make it so...

Duluoz said...

Hey Rusty, any chance you'll be at Live Wire on Thursday?

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