Tuesday, June 18, 2013

slabdragger - regress

label: church of fuck
released: 2012

there's a reason this band is called slabdragger (well...other than that's the name everyone had decided on)

i'd recently discovered the band by randomly hopping around from video to video on the youtubes via a little something that someone had made for the song "iron vulture"

so...the band's name is slabdragger

and they have a song called "iron vulture"

so...without ever having heard the band (i'm assuming)...you should already know what you're in for

and if you were to ever get tired of listening to sleep or eyehategod or iron monkey (aka: england's eyehategod)...this would be the wrong album to play

also...if you ever get tired of listening to any of the aforementioned bands...don't ever tell anyone...the consequences could be dire...like...you could turn into a punchline for one of those "what's grosser than gross" jokes....


DL: regress

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