Saturday, June 8, 2013

madnomad - tamper evident

label: sugarshack records
released: 2003

i had originally come by this band out of the uk via a sampler cd that had come with some magazine i'd boughtthe song was "ad nauseam"...and with lines like "we live in the age of the excuse/we live in the age of the asshole" and "why should i tolerate anything i don't care for for any length of time"...i now had a theme song (which was originally done by boyd rice under the title "mr. intolerance")

and i played my theme song for days

and sure...that was probably unfair to the other songs included on the sampler...but you know what?...i didn't care...i'm an asshole

but i digress

you can't really seem to find all that much information about the band on the interwebs

this was the band's only album

and now for the comparisons: if you dig the refused album THE SHAPE OF PUNK TO COME...and some nomeansno...and some eighties b-line disaster....

well...this is just the thing for you

DL: tamper evident

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