Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gob + Loadstar - Split 7"

Label: Satan's Pimp
Year: 1993

There didn't seem to be a shortage of bands circa 1993-1996 who were recording and releasing shit tons of music, but who most people (and by "people" I mean those who were "into music") never got around to listening to, or just missed out, or were scared of, or whatever. Gob was most definitely one of those bands, the kind of band that were too strange for the more crusty/grindy kind of punkers, and too abrasive for the more straight ahead (pun intended of course) hardcore "kids" (why always kids?). You know, Floor was another one of those bands that you would be hard pressed to find a person who actually saw Floor play when they were active (myself not included, mind you, I have always been cool and ahead of the curve, so I actually did see Floor, a few times...I'm just sorta awesome I guess), but Floor has since had this weird renaissance, due in no small part to the success of Torche, but still, it's crazy to me that Floor are "big" now.
Could Gob be poised for a little post-mortem revival? A sold out reunion tour? A new generation of adoring fans?
Highly doubtful. But, you know, never say never I suppose. Maybe the world is ready for their throbbing mess of noise rock grinding. Maybe now's the time? If so, I'll be there, front and center, because truth be told, in all my inherent coolness, I never saw Gob play. Ever. Not even opening for Floor.
Loadstar are nothing to sneeze at either, by the way. They have two good, shouty, fractured, rockers which you should enjoy. Also of note, Gob's song is over six minutes, which has to be a record for them.


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Anonymous said...

wow holy shit i remember when this came out sadly. great find. thanks!

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