Thursday, May 30, 2013

V/A - Riot Season Records Sampler

Year: 2013
Label: Riot Season

The record label was kind enough to offer up this potpourri of noisy ruckus for free, so I am being kind enough to vomit it back up to you (eat up baby bird). Riot Season has been consistently sandblasting eardrums for over ten years now, with a mix of bands that most certainly would ruin the vast majority of coffee dates would they pop up on the barista's ipod playlist accidentally. Lots of soy caramel macchiatos would be spat out and refunds demanded that afternoon, let me assure you.
But, to you, the musical sophisticate, this is a record label you need to be made aware of.

The bands:
Hey Colossus - moody, ominous drone in the vein of newer Earth meets a movie score to a drug overdose scene
Bad Guys - raunchy rock music with a big bottom end swing and a sneer
Ultraphallus - Harvey Milk (the quieter parts) meets Loop meets Brian Eno
Dethscalator - loud, wild, and messy...what's better than that?
Shit And Shine - they get two tracks, and neither one will make much sense to squares, but you'll dig on the ultra distorted hiss of one song, and the distant, disconcerting bounce of the other
Dead Elephant - this band already slays, but factor in that they are clobbering a Cherubs cover, and, well...there you go
Art Of Burning Water - claustrophobic, dense, chugging, metallic noise in the vein of KEN Mode
Pikacyu*Makoto - imagine watching Madame Butterfly whilst on mescaline, and then being chased through the auditorium by security
Todd - can't get enough of Todd. Huge, burly, overblown noise without the slightest hint of goodwill or kindness towards man.



mvllet said...

If you're looking for something in the vein of KEN mode, check out DIRTDRINKER. Their new LP should be hitting any day now.

Not sure I hear the similarity between AoBW and KM though.

mvllet said...

ps. I'm stoked on the rash of posts you guys have made recently. Too many good bloggers have been dropping off the webs recently.

Nacho said...

good, man

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