Friday, May 17, 2013

trophy wives - old scratch

label: latest flame
released: 2011


please come in.

you've been asked here to answer a few questions.

are you comfortable?

thirsty? you're one of those "get to the point" kinda folks,eh?

fair enough.

we've been told that you're a fan of bands like:

young widows
queens of the stone age

should i stop there?

i should also tell you that the band has some ex members of some of the above mentioned bands...vocalist/guitarist billy bisig was a member of lords...bassist tony ash was a member of coliseum...and drummer geoff paton was a member of young widows

well...i can tell by the squirming that you're doing in your chair that you'd like to leave

so...take a copy of this

and we'll have to place the burlap sack over your head again

thank you for stopping by

DL: old scratch

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