Tuesday, May 28, 2013

god bullies - singles/compilation tracks: 1986-2010

i was digging through a box of stuff that i currently have stashed in a friend's basement...and i came across this business

it was a little something that an SGM follower put together all by himself

and you know who you are,sir

and normally i'd give out a name...but if'n i do that...SGM people will show up at your house...and then you'd have some explaining to do to your neighbors...and your lawn would eventually end up dying...and your beloved family pet may or may not come up missing....

1 - tell me
2 - creepy people
3 - all i want is my mama
4 - sex,power,money
5 - fear and pain
6 - kick it to sleep
7 - join satan's army
8 - preacher man*
9 - you sexy thing**
10 - which way you goin',billie?***
11 - how low can you go?
12 - ruby (desert storm mix)
13 - millennium
14 - i forgot where i live
15 - tell me
16 - mussolini
17 - tie a yellow ribbon****
18 - bullet
19 - wake up

*=link wray cover
**=hot chocolate cover
***=terry jack cover
****=tony orlando and dawn cover

DL: singles/compilation tracks: 1986-2010


Anonymous said...

Are you give up on your blog? No one link don't work here!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Dead link one more time!

Ben B said...

re-up please

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