Friday, May 24, 2013

fugazi - in on the kill taker

label: dischord
released: 1993

this is where i consider the band heading into the sonic youth portion of their career

wanna fight about it?

DL: in on the kill taker


Anonymous said...

There are lots of groups I like but only really need to listen to one of their records ( The Dead and Live/Dead, Jethro Tull and Stand Up, Quicksilver Messenger Service and Happy Trails etc) and I suppose 13 Songs falls into that category as well... perhaps it's time to broaden my horizons... thanks for this!

Nacho said...

i have this in vinyl!

Bernardo said...

where they came into their own

Georg CRacked said...

when this came out I was astonished, but also excited. to do something new in hardcore was ... revolutionary / heretic?

Thanks for clogging my mp3 player - I have this on vinyl, but vinyl is so hard to listen to when travelling...

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