Monday, March 25, 2013

Todd/Part Chimp/Lords/Hey Colossus - Split 10"

Label: Rock Action
Year: 2006

Take 10"s, then take 4 bands, then take a phillips head screw driver and jam it into the front of your face, then try and force this mix of distorto-destructo noise rock back into that leaking hole. It will be your pleasure, and you can thank me later.
Once song per band, and for my money Hey Colossus might take top prize, but it's your world squirrel, decide for yourself.



sam said...

absolutely amazing !

suicideofthescorpion said...

Yay --- thank you for giving me more grist to destroy my hearing. I've been beating the hell out of them with Part Chimp and Todd (thanks to previous SGM posts).

For any who do not know or refuse to recognize:

Shiny Grey Monotone is the reason there is an internet.


Anonymous said...


jullan said...

What a bummer that Todd stopped writing actual songs. Those first two albums were incredible.

Anonymous said...

thanks SGM!

Commodore Crush said...

Part Chimp is one of the most amazing bands no one has heard of.

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