Monday, March 11, 2013

Cattlepress - Showered In The Love Of The Abhorher

Label: Devastating Soundworks
Year: 1995

If you're ready to smash a 2x4 over your own forehead, may I suggest you put that to music, and may I further suggest that music be none other than this Cattlepress 7". I truly feel that this will help you in your quest for total cranial annihilation. Truly.
The band was tangentially associated with the power violence scene of the middle 1990's, but had more in common with a band like Cavity or Damad or Iabhorher or Gob, than a band like Ulcer or Capitalist Casualties or Drop Dead or Despise You. Their brand of sludge/grind/hardcore was of the undulating, pulsating, waves of chaos variety, and never the flat out speed trial with mosh parts of most power violence bands. But, they put out records on Slap-A-Ham and Bovine, and they did splits with Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Sloth, know...pigeonholing.
Their motto was "pure hatred channeled through currents of electricity and vibration". Seems about right.
Plus, over their different incarnations they had members of: Incantation, Evoken, Born Against, Nausea, Hemlock, Assuck, and Dave Witte was once in the band, and he's been in everything.



Bernardo said...

first off, congrats for drawing attention to this amazing, overlooked band. Second, their full length is one of the best and most overlooked records of the 00's, and recently Hydrahead made this bandcamp for it:

And then there's this:

Gray said...

I agree 110% on the Cattlepress is absolutely tits perfect.

pentagrimes said...

Their side of the split lp with Agoraphobic Nosbleed is probably mankind's greatest musical achievement

Milgram Records said...

yeah, this 7" and the split with AG are insanely good.

Here's a decent full live set from 96.

Dan said...

Could you reup this please? Thank you!

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