Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Neptune - Gong Lake

Label: Table Of The Elements
Year: 2008

When someone says "noise rock", they literally are describing this record. It's not a band from Madison, Wisconsin on Touch and Go Records who recorded with Steve Albini circa 1991, it's a Boston based assemblage of musician/sculptor/sorta-performance-artists, who build their own instruments and make droning, Teutonically precise beats of icy cold industrial sounding bleakness. The sounds are sharp and menacing, with alien undercurrents of harmony. Great for a romantic, candlelit dinner, so long as your date is into uncomfortable pauses and fascism.
Shellac, meets Oneida, meets Einsturzende Neubautan, meets Black Dice, meets Mens Recovery Project, meets you alone again on a Saturday night.



Nacho said...

thanks, gray, i saw this band with they own build-instruments in Madrid in 2004. it was a great show.

MarsHottentot said...

I saw them a few times back in the early mid-90's on treks to Beantown. They were really something to watch. Musically I thought they had a Beefheart thing goin' but, y'know, that was goin' on twenty years ago.


White Diesel said...

dear Gray and the rest of you in shinygreymonote,

I've been commenting anonymously every now and then, but I think I've never said that: your mission is holy and your taste is god, you are curating some of the most interesting music that has come out through the last decades. Bands that most of us would know shit about otherwise, especially those of us who live outside the US(I'm from Greece).

You are the shit, goddamnit.

white diesel

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