Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Live in Atlanta - Torche, Primate, Whores - 02.09.13

Ok, so maybe the Hawks, Liverhearts, Young Widows show from last week wasn't your thing. I get it. It's an acquired taste, sure.
Well, here's your second chance to lavish me with drinks in a public setting (since...there has yet to be a single drink guys are slipping). Friday night. Do it.
Whores. - You know 'em, you love 'em. They're playing first. They will deliver the blunt end of an axe handle worth of Unsane-inspired pure thud, noise rock down upon your shoulders. The drummer will also showboat and flip you off.
Primate - who cares that it's dudes from Mastodon and Brutal Truth (and other Atlanta bands you've never heard of)? You should care that it's a 20 minute bludgeoning of grind fueled hardcore. Old man it's extra nasty.
Torche - Good timing sludge? Fun metal? Hearing loss with a wink and a nod? Never disappoints? Yeah.

It's a stacked bill, it will be a packed house, you should go if you can.

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Nacho said...

macho rockers united!

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