Friday, February 15, 2013

Johns - House Of Wrongheads

Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

Well shit, I really liked that The Fucking Hotlights record that came out a couple years back, and had no idea that they had already broken up, and that half of the band has this new band called Johns. I mean, where was I when this happened? Nobody can use a phone around here?
Apparently the half of the band that left, took all of the distortion pedals with them, because this new band eschews the bombastic noise-metal of The Fucking Hotlights material, and goes for a more layered and nuanced skewed indie rock sound. Of the six songs here, you can glean a few different potential influences; British Sea Power, The Kinks, Young Widows, The Walkmen, Retribution Gospel Choir, maybe Chokebore? It's mellower than 90% of what gets posted here, but never boring...I wouldn't fuck around with no boring shit.
I'm into it, and would assume you will be into it too.



ian said...

Good album worth listening too. Thanks!

Zefa said...

wow.. nice!

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