Thursday, January 31, 2013

Young Widows/Hawks/Liverhearts/Castle - Live In Atlanta 02-02-13

Where do you live? Is it in/around/near/within smell of Atlanta, Georgia? If so, you should most absolutely do yourself the honor of getting out of your house/apartment/hovel/holding cell this approaching Saturday night (February 2nd), and point your private parts in the general direction of the Earl in East Atlanta (from there, your private parts should lead you the rest of the way). The show there at the Earl on Saturday night will be one of those "good ones" that folks make reference to upwards of 17 years from now.
You know who Young Widows are. They might have toned it down a bit in recent years, but I assure you, their live broadcasts will still chip your front tooth (or teeth, if you're all fancy and shit).
You know who Hawks are too. Or at least you should. They eat Jesus Lizard and shit Rapeman. They are easily one of the best bands currently in operation, and if you don't go and see're no longer welcome in my life (I'm sorry, but I have standards).
You probably don't know who the Liverhearts are, unless you live around here ("here" being my lap). They play tense, wiry, smart music. They have a song called "Of Doctors and Daggers" which is pretty much, damn near perfect. I listen to it early and often.
You might know as much about Castle as I do, which is admittedly not too much. I know they will be the metallic thrashing explanation point to this show's lineup. I have faith that their inclusion with such prestigious colleagues is indication enough of their prowess (both musically and sexually).

Watch The Liverhearts:

Watch Hawks:

Just fucking show up to the show. Quit being such a pansy.
Also, please buy me a drink...I'm always thirsty.

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Anonymous said...

Hawks makes me want to get drunk and shoot guns

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