Monday, January 21, 2013

v/a - dynamite with a laserbeam: queen as heard through the meat grinder of three one g

label: three one g
released: 2002

i'd always thought the whole idea behind the making of a tribute album was to pay tribute to a band....not mock them

don't get me wrong...there are a few decent covers on this album (namely: the blood brothers...the locust...melt banana)

but there are also some sure-fire ways to clear a room (namely: asterisk*...get hustle...bastard noise)

so...if you're familiar with anything three one g has know what this has got in store for you

as for the rest of've been warned

1 - the blood brothers - under pressure
2 - get hustle - another one bites the dust
3 - asterisk* - ogre battle
4 - das oath - we are the champions
5 - gogogo airheart - death on two legs (dedicated to...)
6 - upsilon acrux - bicycle race
7 - sinking body - who needs you
8 - glass candy - the fairy feller's master stroke
9 - the locust - flash's theme
10 - weasel walter - bohemian rhapsody
11 - the spacewurm - vultan's theme (attack of the hawk men)
12 - fast forward - crazy little thing called love
13 - the convocation of... - get down,make love
14 - bastard noise - lily of the valley
15 - tourettes laurtec - killer queen
16 - melt banana - we will rock you

DL: dynamite with a laserbeam


Mark Harmon said...

Queen sucks, and if you're looking for a decent Under Pressure cover then let the Smalll Brown Bike & The Casket Lottery version be heard.

Anonymous said...

I actually own both this and the SBB & CL vinyl...

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